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We are a non-profit organization composed of all CEC members within Oklahoma. We provide information for teachers, administrators, students, parents, paraprofessionals, and related support service providers in support of the worldwide mission of CEC, which is to improve educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities. We provide opportunities for networking professional development, and information sharing through our annual spring conference and our website. Oklahoma CEC also supports the activities and positions of the National Council for Exceptional Children.

Oklahoma CEC has listened and is making some changes!   Past conference attendees have requested weoffer on-line registration.  In anattempt for this to be successful, we need your patience! As you registeronline, PLEASE, remember to register for the free lunch (fee included inregistration cost) AND list any dietary needs. Also, any registrations using apurchase order will need to print the hard copy of a registration form and mailit to the address provided on the form. Again, we thank you and appreciate any feedback as we transition intothis new format!

Follow this link to view the Conference At-a-Glance document

Follow this link to view the Session Descriptions

Follow this link to the 2014 Conference Online Registration

Follow this link to download hard copy of 2014 Conference Registration if you are registering with a Purchase Order.

Follow this link to the 2014 Conference Vendor Registration Form

The following are two updates to our bylaws that we will be voting on at our annual OKCEC general meeting on February 28, 2014, at 3:30 PM at the Moore Norman Technology Center.

1. The Oklahoma Chapter of CEC will get a P.O. box in OKC and the secretary will keep one key and the president will have the other key.  Each year the key will be passed to the incoming officers. The responsibilities of the P.O. Box will be placed under the duties for President and Secretary.

2. The Oklahoma Chapter of CEC will get a small (closet size) storage unit that is in the centrally located in the OKC area. This will be maintained and the keys and responsibilities passed down to each incoming officer. These duties will be placed in the bylaws under the duties of the past president and the historian.

Theses two additional duty changes to the bylaws will be voted on at the above mentioned meeting.

2013-14 OKCEC Officers
President – Sheryl Hazelbaker

Past President – Heather Caram

President Elect – Tiffany Massie

Vice President – Marsha Dempsey-Herron

Secretary – Gretchen Cole-Lade

Treasurer – Penny Cantley

Historian – Ian Dewey

Parliamentarian - Claudia Otto

CAN Coordinator – Kimberly Bryant Davis

Student OKCEC President – Miles Kelly

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